Conguring the printer settings
By default, the Printers screen is available only in Admin mode. On the Printer setting page, click the printer icon to start the gnome-
control-center printer.
1 Click the printer icon.
The gnome-control-center printer dialog box is displayed.
2 Click Add New Printer button to include the new printer in the printers list available on the left pane.
The Add a new printer window is displayed.
3 Enter the address of the printer or the text to lter results.
NOTE: If a USB printer is connected, then it is displayed by default. The printer is not found if wrong address is provided or
the USB is not attached.
4 Click the Add option. Click Print Test Page to test the printer and click (- )icon to remove the printer.
30 Wyse 5070 thin client on ThinLinux
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