Wyse 5070 thin client on ThinLinux
This section provides instructions on how to easily congure and eciently manage Wyse 5070 thin client that runs on ThinLinux.
• Introduction
Logging on to the Wyse 5070 thin client running ThinLinux
Conguring peripherals settings on Wyse ThinLinux
The thin clients running Wyse ThinLinux from Dell simplies the user management paradigm with elegant application icons and comes with
a single built-in user to enhance user experience along with having the benets of a single-operating system. ThinLinux running on thin
client combines the security, exibility, and market-leading usability of enterprise-grade Linux with Dell’s thin computing optimizations in
management. It is ideal for organizations that want to run server-based, Web-based, or local applications including legacy applications
without the deployment and security concerns of a nonstandard Linux distribution.
Logging on to the Wyse 5070 thin client running
On your initial conguration, Dell recommends that you connect by using a wired connection by plugging in the network connected
ethernet cable to your thin client.
After you turn on your thin client, you are automatically logged in to the local thinuser account. By default, the password of the thinuser
account is set to thinuser.
NOTE: In cases where a GDM login is needed (for example, AD/Domain login, PNAgent login and so on), the auto-login option
can be turned o through the GUI or by using the INI.
Admin mode enables you to perform system administration tasks such as adding or removing connections and setting up specic device
settings. To enter into the Admin mode, click the Switch to Admin button from Setting application screen to admin mode and then enter
the default root password in the Password Needed window. The default root password is admin.
Conguring peripherals settings on Wyse ThinLinux
On the System Settings page, click the Peripherals icon. The following tabs are displayed on the left pane of the System Settings page.
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Printers
• Sound
Conguring display on Dell Wyse ThinLinux
By default, the Customize your display screen is available in both User mode and Admin mode. Any changes to display preferences made
through this screen is saved and available for the built-in thinuser. In a Dual-monitor conguration, if both monitors are connected, then by
Wyse 5070 thin client on ThinLinux 27
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