Technical specications
This section provides the technical specications of the Wyse 5070 extended thin client.
• Processor
• Memory
• Storage
Wireless card
• Antenna
Common access card reader
AC adapter specications
• Environment
This thin client is shipped with the following processor:
Table 1. Processor specications
Feature Intel Gemini Lake Pentium Quad Core
Cache 56 KB L1 cache
4 MB L2 cache
Number of cores Four
Package 25x24 FCBGA
Processor minimum core frequency 800 MHz
Processor base core frequency 1.5 GHz
Maximum single core burst frequency 2.8 GHz
Maximum two core burst frequency 2.7 GHz
Maximum three core burst frequency 2.7 GHz
Maximum four core burst frequency 2.7 GHz
Graphics Executive Unit (EU) 18
Graphics minimum frequency 100 MHz
Graphics base frequency 250 MHz
Graphics maximum dynamic frequency 800 MHz
Supported memory technology LPDDR4, DDR4
Maximum memory controller frequency 2400 MT/s
Supported DIMMS per channel Two
14 Technical specications
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