3 Preparing the network for WSM deployment
The Wyse WSM reference architecture consists of several components as shown in Figure 1.
A Management Server Provides necessary Network services such as Domain Name Service
(DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Key Management Service (KMS)
The Wyse WSM server Provides the central repository of the streamed OS and Application
images. It also stores the system cache files for each streamed client.
Network Components Such as switches and routers, needed to connect the streaming client
devices to the WSM and Management services as well as the internet.
Streaming Client Devices Cloud PC (such as Wyse Z00D or X00m)
Figure 1: Typical Deployment Configuration
The first step is to determine the network information to be used. See Table 1 as a template to fill in this
Table 1: Required Network Deployment Information
Domain Name
IP Subnet for Streaming Clients
Default Router for Streaming Clients
DNS server(s) IP address(es)
Static IP address for WSM server
Default Router for WSM server
Active Directory Server Administrator User
Active Directory Server Administrator Password
If you have not already deployed your management server, see Section 7 on tips for doing so. Make sure
that your DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory services are fully functional before proceeding to the next
Routers/ “itches
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