1 Introduction
Wyse WSM is the first solution to use OS and application streaming to package and deliver the end user
desktop environment to remote client devices, giving IT administrators the control they need to ensure the
consistency of desktop software across the enterprise.
Wyse WSM requires very little datacenter infrastructure, operates standalone, or complements existing
presentation and VDI solutions, while dramatically reducing the storage space, IT time and expense of
delivering and maintaining desktop software throughout an enterprise. By streaming the operating system
and applications independently to a stateless client device and running them locally in memory, Wyse
WSM enables virtually any Windows application to be run on the client just as it would on a traditional PC.
Yet all files and applications reside in the private data center or in the branch router, where they are
easier to back up, manage, and maintain.
Because applications are streamed independently of the operating system, Wyse WSM enables
standardization of operating system images across the organization and delivers applications based on
user roles and responsibilities. Administrators can also easily provision new applications or updates to
existing applications without having to modify the operating system image.
Out of the box, the remote client devices contain no local operating system software on the device, but
instead use OS and Application Streaming (OAS) to deliver a true PC experience with cloud computing
benefits of centralized storage, control, and simplified OS and application maintenance. The true PC OS
and applications are literally delivered in real-time over the LAN from Wyse WSM provisioning software in
the datacenter cloud.
2 Required Materials
The following materials are required before starting the installation:
Windows Server 2008 R2 running DNS, DHCP, and Key Management Services (KMS)
WSM Deployment Server with (minimum specs)
o Intel i3-2100 (Dual Core 3.0 GHz)
o 8 GB of Memory
o Intel Q67 or C206 chipset
o Dual SATA II SSD drives (HDD for up to 25 users)
o Dual Gigabit Ethernet NICs (single NIC for up to 25 users)
o Windows 7 Enterprise or Professional (64 bit version)
o Wyse WSM server image and license (Version 4.01)
Windows 7 Enterprise or Professional 32 bit ISO image compatible with KMS
Appropriate applications (such as Office 2010 ISO image compatible with KMS)
Additional applications which can be site licensed or use an optional license server
Endpoint devices such as Wyse Z00D
Required Networking Gear (Routers and Switches)
Ethernet Cables as needed
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