After completing the procedures in this section, restart the system (escape out of the network boot by
pressing ESC). You now have the Windows OS Image you need (including the WSM Client software, and
if necessary, the device drivers) for your WSM environment on the Reference Device.
6.4 Capturing and uploading the Client OS image
To upload your OS image to the WSM server, locate OSMVDiskImage.exe (the default location is
C:\Program Files\Wyse\WSM\os). Right click the OSMVDiskImage.exe and select Run as
Administrator to open the WSM VDisk Image Creation Utility window.
Figure 54: VDISK Image Creation Utility
Use the following guidelines:
Enter the VDisk Size in MB (the maximum virtual disk size is 32 GB). You may want to increase the
size from the default to extend the size of the virtual disk that is assigned to the streaming client. This
will provide space for any applications that may be added at a later date or to leave room for
application that may be streamed from WSM. The WSM VDisk Image Creation Utility will not
allow you to create a VDisk that is smaller than this required size.
Enter a VDisk Name and a Description for the disk.
Select the Enable Active Directory Integration check box; to integrate WSM Client authentication
with Active Directory. This field is used for Application streaming to allow the Windows Login
credentials to be used to authenticate the applications that are authorized for the particular user of
each streamed client device.
Clear the Move User Profiles to a separate partition check box since you will be using roaming
profiles which map the user directory and profiles to an external file server.
Optionally set the Move Page File to a separate partition check box if you want to separate out the
page file from the OS image. This will allow you to set the image partition to persistent and the page
file partition to volatile independently. Leaving the page file partition set to volatile will make patching
the base OS image easier and will also help prevent the page file from becoming fragment during
daily use.
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