Select the Default Site group by clicking Next> on Step 2, the Default Site on Step 3, the default Device
group on step 4, the newly created OS Image on Step 5, and finally the default Streaming Server on step
6. This should take you to the screen shown in Figure 46.
Figure 46: Adding Device Template - Step 6
Press Finish to complete the template creation. At this point, you should go back to the Operating
Systems tab, click on your OS image, and change the First Partition Boot Mode to Private and click
Save Changes. This will allow you to boot one device and make any last minute changes to the OS
before deploying it to production. After doing this, power on one unit and verify that it gets added to the
database by clicking on Devices tab and scrolling down to see if your device gets added to the database
as shown in Figure 47. Once it is up and running, you can shut it down remotely by clicking box to the left
of the device name and selecting Send Command and clicking Shutdown.
Figure 47: Shutting Down the Reference Device
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