5.8 Adding virtual desktop (Operating system and Applications) to WSM
The instructions for building an Operating System image and uploading it to WSM are included in Chapter
6 of the WSM Installation Guide. A summary of the steps is also listed in this guide in Section 6. Once
the image has been created and uploaded to the WSM server, it will be available to register into the WSM
system. From the main WSM screen, click on Operating Systems tab and select Add OS Image. On
the screen show in Figure 40, type the label you want to assign to this image and select the appropriate
file from the pull down File Name entry. At this point, you cannot make any other changes on this screen
so click on Next> to continue.
Figure 40: Adding OS Image - Step 1
Select the Default Site for this image and click on Add and Next>.
Figure 41: Adding OS Image Step 2
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