The maximum system cache file size must be >= 200MB AND <= available ram size minus 300MB. The
available ram is the amount of ram after WSM services have been loaded. Setting the value too low will
cause performance issues with File I/O. Setting the value too high will take away available memory for
programs to load and may cause application errors. The specific value cannot be determined ahead of
time. Since every WSM environment and server work load is different, the default setting that Wyse
provides is not suitable for all environments. Wyse strongly recommends that you monitor the memory
usage of your WSM server and adjust the ―MaxSystemCacheMBytes‖ setting accordingly.
You can use Registry Editor (Regedit) to set these values. To run regedit with administrative
permissions, select the Start button on the taskbar and type regedit in the search window. The Regedit
application should appear at the top of the program list. Right click on the name and select Run as
Administrator. Highlight the menu trees as shown above until you reach the WSM registry folder. On
the right side, you will see the list of registry values. Right click MaxSystemCacheMBytes and select
Modify. Click on Decimal and enter the value based on the above options.
Figure 35: Setting System Cache Max Value
SetCache64 will output messages to the “etCache.log file uder <W“M “erer istall folder>\log
folder. This log file records the exact value system cache file size was set to.
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