After finishing the initial configuration of WSM, select the Systems Setting Tab and then select Active
Directory Configuration. On this page, you can set the options for the Active Directory interaction. You
can enable SSL communications between WSM and AD server.
Figure 32: Changing LDAP Options
If you choose not to enable SSL, then you will need to manually make a change to the WSM OS
Authentication Service to provide it with the proper permissions to have access to the AD database.
From the Windows Start menu, type Services. The services application should appear at the top of the
start menu. Right click on it and select Run as administrator. Scroll through the list of services and
towards the bottom you should see WSM OS Authentication Service. Right click on it, and select
Properties. The properties screen should appear as shown on Figure 33. Select the Log On tab and
enter the credentials for a user account that has read/write permissions to the AD database.
Figure 33: Changing Permission of WSM Authentication Service
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