Figure 14: Setting SQL SA Password
Nothing needs to be changed on the Error and Reporting screen, so just click Next>. At this point, the
software will be installed. When the installation is complete, click Close.
5.2 Enabling Named Pipes and TCP/IP connections
The next step is to modify the MS SQL Express Configuration for WSM operation. To do this, from the
windows start prompt, select START->All Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2->Configuration
Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager. Select SQL Server Network Configuration and then
Protocols for MSSQLSERVER.
Make sure that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled. By default, they are disabled. Right click on
each of them and select Enable. Make sure they are also enabled in SQL Native Client 10.0
Figure 15: Enabling Named Pipes and TCP/IP
After making these changes, the SQL server will need to be restarted. Click on SQL Server Services
and right click on SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and select restart.
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