5 Installing and configuring the WSM software
The installation of WSM server software is in two parts. First, as a prerequisite, the Microsoft SQL
Express 2008 software must be installed. Windows 7 is NOT compatible with the 2005 version. Do not
use the WSM Prerequisite Application stored in the WSM installation directory. This will cause
incompatibilities with Windows 7. After SQL express is installed, the WSM application software can be
installed from the pre-mentioned directory.
5.1 Installing Microsoft SQL Express 2008
SQL Express 2008 will need to be installed prior to running the WSM Server Install script. Download
the software from Microsoft at:
Figure 11: Microsoft SQL Server Download Site
Click on the red box to download the program SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe. Once downloaded, it can be
executed, by right clicking on its name and selecting Run as Administrator. Accept any security
warnings that might pop up. The support files will be extracted and the install options page will appear.
Select New Installation and on the next screen, accept the license agreement. On the Feature
Selection screen select the defaults by clicking on the Next>.
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