Scroll down to the Broadcom adapters (Primary Adapters) and double click on the first BCM5709
adapter you see. A sub-panel will appear as shown in Figure 7. Click on Resource Reservations and
scroll down to the iSCSI Offload Engine. Unselect this feature by clicking in the square.
Figure 7 Disable Broadcom iSCSI feature set
Repeat this procedure for the second Broadcom 5709 adapter. Once you have disabled iSCSI protocol,
you can go back and create the NIC Team. Go back to the main panel and select TEAM VIEW. You can
select the Team menu, and Create Team. Select the two Broadcom 5709 adapters and add them to the
team. The last item that needs to be changed is the team type. To get proper load balancing, select
802.3ad. This will create an LACP based team. Make sure your upstream is also set to LACP mode.
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