4.2 Configuring NIC teaming
On the Dell T110 ii WSM server platform, there are three Broadcom NICs. For the small server
configuration, the onboard NIC will not be used as part of the team, and can be disabled. The NIC
teaming software is used to form a 2 Gbps bonded interface by combining the remaining two NICs. This
provides more bandwidth for the streaming traffic.
Right click on network icon located on the right side of the task bar at the bottom of the screen. This will
open the Network and Sharing Center control panel. Click on Change Adapter Settings. At this point,
you should see your three network adapters, which are normally labeled Local Area Connection, Local
Area Connection 2 and Local Area Connection 3. The Intel NIC teaming software will create a fourth
interface called Local Area Connection 4 from these two interfaces. This is a virtual interface. Once it is
created, all new network parameter changes should be made to the team interface.
In order to create a NIC team, you need to download the Broadcom Advance Control Suite software from:
Once this is downloaded, right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator. After it is installed,
you should see a green NIC card icon on the right side of your task bar. You can double click on this icon
to launch the BACS software. The BACS organizes the drivers in a tree structure as shown in Figure 6.
Net, click o the ico hich represets our serer’s host ae.
Figure 6 BACS Admin Panel
Before you can create the NIC team, you need to disable the iSCSI feature set from the Broadcom
adapters because the iSCSI protocol is not supported on NIC teams.
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