4 Installing WSM Server
Use this section for installation steps for Windows 7 and prepare it for the Wyse WSM server. While you
have probably installed Windows many times before, there are some special configuration steps to be
completed after the standard installation.
4.1 Loading Windows 7 image
Start installation as if on a standard PC starting with the screen shown in Figure 5.
Figure 5: Standard Windows 7 Installation Screen
After the OS installation is complete, install any required device drivers for the particular server board you
are using including network drivers. After installing the updated system drivers, set the static IP address
for the NIC interface.
Once the WSM server has network connectivity, use the Microsoft Update Center to install all appropriate
updates and patches. This will insure that the WSM server installation is not overwritten by any Microsoft
patch or update that might change the NIC interface driver. Since Windows 7 installs Power
Management software by default, it is important enable high performance mode as the default mode.
Lastly, make sure that the Windows License is applied and is registered with Microsoft.
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