HDX RealTime Multimedia Engine is the package installed on ThinOS; it is HDX RealTime
Connector for Lync that needs to be installed or upgraded on the remote server and VDA.
If the version is the latest Lync version, that is Skype for Business, then only the Lync 2013
GUI is supported in Citrix HDX Multimedia Optimization. As per the Citrix Release Notes, the
connector must be installed by using Connector for Lync 2013.
The Upgrade option is discussed at docs.citrix.com/en-us/hdx-optimization/1-8/
The Firewall configuration is required on remote server and VDA. For more information,
refer to docs.citrix.com/en-us/hdx-optimization/1-8/hdx-realtime-optimization-pack-
Important: The RTME 1.8 feature on ThinOS supports only HDX RealTime Connector 1.8
due to Citrix limitation.
2. Update the ThinOS firmware to 8.2, and install the RTME.i386.pkg on the ThinOS client. For
information about installing the RTME package, see Installing the RTME package on ThinOS.
3. Configure the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings on ThinOS for Lync Server.
NOTE: You must ensure that the thin client does not have USB redirection for video/audio
devices in order to have RTME working correctly.
4. Log in to your Citrix Desktop, and sign in to Lync client.
The RTME icon is displayed in the lower-left corner of the Lync client window.
Use the Lync Application to perform the following tasks:
Start an audio or video call
Select user to call
Call from the IM window
Type a name or number to call
Answer the call
Audio call
Video call
Headset button to answer the call
Transfer call/ mute/ hold call
Control the video: Pause/ End/ Picture in Picture (PiP)
Set the volume levels
Use Dial Pad
Make a conference call
Help and Hang up
Minimize/maximize or close the Lync window
Perform Network Health check — Press Ctrl+N to open the Network Health window.
The attributes, such as received packets, sent packets, video frame rate, video resolution, audio codec,
and video codec are displayed in the Network Health window.
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