The Shutdown dialog box is displayed.
2. After starting your thin client you will see a Dell logo for a short period of time.
3. Click Restart the system to restart your thin client.
4. Select the Reset the system setting to factory default check box to restore your system settings to
default factory settings.
5. Click OK to save the settings.
Shutdown reset impacts all configuration items, including, but not limited to network configuration
and connections defined in local NV-RAM. However, the terminal name will not be changed.
Shutdown reset is disabled for Low-privileged and Non-privileged users, regardless of lock
down state.
Resetting Display Settings Using V-Key Reset
If the display settings are inappropriate for the particular monitor that is connected, it is possible that the
display will not function properly when the thin client restarts. To correct this, power-on the thin client
while continuously tapping the V key. This will restart the thin client with a default/automatic display
Accessing Thin Client BIOS Settings
After starting your thin client you will see a Wyse logo for a short period of time. During this period you
can press and hold the Delete key to enter the BIOS to make your modifications enter Fireport as the
password. For example, you can use the F7 key to use Optimized Defaults (load optimal default values for
all the items in the BIOS setup utility).
NOTE: This does not apply to the Wyse 3020 thin client with ThinOS (T10D) no BIOS on ARM
platform — to access the WLOADER on an ARM platform, press the power button for about four
seconds until the power light turns green, and then press the Delete key.
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