a. Default Printer —Select the printer you want to be the default printer from your list of available
b. Enable .print Client and Port —If you want to enable .print Client, select Enable .print Client , and
then enter the port.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Using the Help
When you click the Help tab, the following message is displayed in the text box.
Printer Identification is supplied by printer device. Change it to a Window’s printer driver name or setup a
driver mapping file.
Configuring the Citrix UPD Printer
Use of the Citrix Universal Printer Driver ensures that all printers connected to a client can also be used
from a virtual desktop or application session without integrating a new printer driver in the data center.
Citrix Universal printer driver is the base of Citrix Universal Printer, its an auto-created printer object that
uses the Citrix Universal Print Driver and is not tied to any specific printer defined on the client.
To configure the Citrix UPD usage on ThinOS:
1. Connect a printer to ThinOS client.
2. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Printer.
The Printer Setup dialog box is displayed.
3. Enter the name of the printer in the Printer Name box.
4. Enter any string of the Printer identification in the Printer Identification box.
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