Using the Printer Setup Options
Using the Help
Configuring the Citrix UPD Printer
Configuring the Ports Settings
To configure the Ports settings:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Printer.
The Printer Setup dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the Ports tab, and use the following guidelines:
a. Select Port— Select the port you want from the list. LPT1 or LPT2 selects the connection to a
direct-connected USB printer.
b. Printer Name — (Required) Enter name you want displayed in your list of printers.
most USB direct-connected printers report/fill in their printer name automatically.
NOTE: If Enable LPD service for the printer is selected, the printer name becomes the
queue name for other clients using LPR to print to this printer.
c. Printer Identification — Enter the type or model of the printer in the exact text of the Windows
printer driver name—including capitalizations and spaces, most USB direct-connected printers
report/fill in their printer identifications automatically.
This entry must be either the device driver name for the printer under the Microsoft Windows
system, or a key to map to the device driver. If not specified, the name will be defaulted to the
printer-supplied identification for standard direct-connected USB printers or Generic / Text Only
for non-USB connected printers upon connection to Windows hosts. The driver name mapping
takes place either through a printer-mapping file read by the system as part of the global profile
(wnos.ini) or by MetaFrame servers through the MetaFrame printer configuration file (\winnt
d. Printer Class— This is optional. Select the printer class from the list PCL5, PS, or TXT or PCL4.
e. Enable the printer device — Select this option to enable the directly-connected printer. It enables
the device to display on the remote host.
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