Dell WM713 Bluetooth Mouse
Dell Wireless Bluetooth Travel Mouse – WM524
Rapoo E6100, BlueTooth keyboard
Thinkpad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard
Logitech Ultrathin Touch Bluetooth Mouse T630
Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard
Microsoft ARC touch Bluetooth mouse
Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse
Plantronics Calisto 620-M, Bluetooth Speakerphone
Plantronics BLACKWIRE C710, BlueTooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235 NA
Jabra PRO 9470 NCSA, Bluetooth Headset
Jabra MOTION UC+ MS / LINK 360, Bluetooth, Lync
Jabra SUPREME UC MS /LINK 360, Bluetooth Headset
Jabra Speak 510 MS, Bluetooth speakerphone
Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headset
Known Issues of the Bluetooth feature
1. If more than two Bluetooth mouse devices are connected to ThinOS along with more than two
other Bluetooth devices, it may cause low performance of Bluetooth connectivity.
Workaround: Dell recommends using one mouse and one keyboard in ThinOS with Bluetooth
2. The Bluetooth device name displays N/A sometimes.
Workaround: Remove this device from the list and re-scan.
3. The Bluetooth device status is not refreshed sometimes when wireless chipset 7260 is shut down.
Workaround: Close the ThinOS Bluetooth window and re-open it. The status is updated.
4. Only supports volume button and mute button on Bluetooth headset.
5. The performance of Bluetooth feature is low during wireless connection.
Configuring the Printer Settings
Use the Printer Setup dialog box to configure network printers and local printers that are connected to
the thin client. Through its USB ports, a thin client can support multiple printers. If more than one printer
is to be used and another port is not available on your thin client and the port that is to be used must be
shared with a USB modem converter, connect a USB hub to the port.
Use the following options to configure the Printer Settings:
Configuring the Ports Settings
Configuring the LPDs Settings
Configuring the SMBs Settings
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