Bluetooth enabled devices, such as headsets and mouses that are available in the Thin Client
environment are listed in the Bluetooth page. The following attributes are displayed in the list.
Name — Specifies the name of the Bluetooth enabled device.
Type — Specifies the type of the Bluetooth enabled devices, such as headsets, mouses, and
Both Human Interface Devices (HID) and Headset Bluetooth devices are supported in ThinOS
HID Type
* HID includes mouse and keyboard.
* The maximum number of HIDs that can be connected is seven.
Headset type
* The Bluetooth headset is supported in this release.
* The maximum number of Bluetooth headsets that can be connected is one.
Important: Other types of Bluetooth devices are not scanned and supported.
— The Bluetooth page has two columns, namely, Status and Paired.
Status Connected The Bluetooth device is connected to the ThinOS device. It is
ready to be used.
Connecting The Bluetooth device is connecting to the ThinOS device.
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