special control characters. European ISO
character sets are similar to ASCII, but they
contain additional characters for European
Keyboard Layout Presently the keyboard languages listed in the
Keyboard layout drop-down list are supported.
The default value is English (United States).
Delay Before Repeat Specifies the repeat parameters for held-down
key. Select the Delay before repeat value as
either 1/5 second, 1/4 second, 1/3 second, 1/2
second, 3/4 second, 1 second, 2 seconds, or No
Repeat. The default is 1/3 second.
Repeat Rate Select Slow, Medium, or Fast. The default value
is Medium.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Configuring the Mouse Settings
To configure the Mouse settings:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Peripherals.
The Peripherals dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the Mouse tab to select the mouse speed and mouse orientation.
3. Select the Swap left and right mouse buttons check box to swap mouse buttons for left-handed
4. Click OK to save the settings.
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