default settings are too light. Be aware that the Gamma Setup tab will be disabled once you click
Save+Exit. You can enable it again by setting rgamma={1-100} ggamma={1-100}
bgamma={1-100} in the Resolution INI parameter. For more information, see Dell Wyse ThinOS
INI Guide.
For Swap dual screens, when you set Main Screen to Screen2, an additional check box is
displayed at the bottom of the tab that allows you to swap dual screens. If you clear the check
box, the Screen1 is usually the left one or the top one in dual display. When you set Main Screen
to Screen2, the main screen is changed to the right screen or bottom screen. If you select the
swap dual screens check box, you are able to set Main Screen to Screen2, but still have it at the
left side or the top side, which is considered more user friendly.
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