OK, Cancel
Initiating devices
Looking up IP address from DHCP, Note: Pressing CTRL-ESC keys cancel out of network
Retry DHCP for an IP address
Waiting for network link. Verify that network cable is plugged into back of unit
Check Cable, No Ethernet link
Leave administrator mode
• Connecting
Sign off from account
Lock Terminal, Unlock Password
Terminal is locked, Invalid unlock password
d. Terminal Name — Allows entry of a name for the thin client. The default is a 14-character string
composed of the letters WT followed by the thin client Ethernet MAC address.
Some DHCP servers use this value to identify the IP address lease in the DHCP Manager display.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Setting the Time and Date
To configure the Time and Date settings:
1. From the desktop menu, click the System Setup, and then click System Preferences.
The System Preference dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the Time/Date tab, and use the following guidelines:
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