Setting the Custom Information
Setting the General System Preference
To configure the general settings for system preference:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click System Preferences.
The System Preference dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the General tab, and use the following guidelines:
a. Screen Saver — Allows you to select the type of screen saver you want. The default is to Turn Off
Other selections available include Flying Bubbles , Moving Image and Showing Pictures which
are screen savers with the monitor remaining on.
b. Timer — Select a time after which the screen saver is to be activated; either disable, 1 minute, 5
minutes, 10 minutes (default), 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.
When the thin client is left idle for the specified idle time, the screen saver is initiated.
c. Locale — Select a language to be activated for the user login-experience; either French, German,
or default English.
NOTE: Locale changes the language for the user login-experience screens only displayed
during boot-up and login and not the configuration or administrator screens.
Only the following messages are applicable for French locales:
• Username/Password/Domain
System Information
Shut down the system, restart the system, reset the system setting to factory default
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