Configuring Thin Client Settings
You can configure available thin client settings on the thin client using the following. Depending on user
privilege level, some dialog boxes and options may not be available for use.
Local Settings Menu
Reset Features
While it is not recommended to use dialog boxes for configuring thin client settings, they are
available in case you want to temporarily override central default configurations or you do not have
the option to set up central configuration (smaller environments). In general, it is recommended
that you use central configuration to enable you to automatically push updates and any desired
default configuration to all supported thin clients in your environment, see Central Configuration:
Automating Updates and Configurations.
Local Settings Menu
Local Settings menu items include:
Configuring the System Preferences
Configuring the Display settings
Configuring the Peripherals Settings
Configuring the Printer Settings
To access the Local Settings menu:
Zero Desktop — Click the System Settings icon on the Zero Toolbar. Administrators can also click the
Admin Mode button on the Login dialog box.
Classic Desktop — Click User Name, and select System Setup.
NOTE: User Name is the user who is logged-on and is at the lower-left pane of the taskbar.
Configuring the System Preferences
Use the System Preference dialog box to select personal preferences such as screen saver, time/date and
custom information settings.
Use the following options to configure the System Preferences:
Setting the General System Preference
Setting Time and Date
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