Use INI file to import certificate.
AddCertificate=client_cert.pfx password=passpass
c. To add a certificate to Vault server:
Use the Thin Client Certificates page to add certificates for the thin client devices. The certificate
must be a text in PEM format, that is, a text-based Base64-encoded DER file.
Open the DER cert file on Notepad.
Log in to the Vault Server Admin Console, and then click ApplianceThin Client
Copy the Notepad text to the Vault server
Configuration on VDI Server and Desktops
Caradigm solution of ThinOS supports the multi-types of VDI server such as VMware View Horizon 6,
Citrix XenApp 6.5, Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 and Citrix XenDesktop 7.6.
To configure the VDI server and desktop:
Install the Caradigm desktop components in the servers and desktops.
Indicate vault server IP, and then provide a valid security token.
Add following lines to Service section of the\programdata\sentillion\vergence\Authenticator.ini
configuration file.
NOTE: In ThinOS 8.2, Wyse 5010 thin client with PCoIP (D10DP) and Wyse 5040 AIO thin client with
PCoIP (5213) offer Caradigm SSO over PCoIP.
SSO and CM client installed on your thin client must be upgraded to latest version 6.2.5 in order to
support this feature.
Configuring the Central Configurations
Use the Central Configuration dialog box to configure thin client central connection settings such as file
server, optional WDM server settings, and optional Cloud Client Manager.
Use the following options to configure the central configurations:
Configuring the General Central Configurations.
Configuring the WDM Settings.
Configuring the CCM Server.
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