4. Click SSO&CMAdvanced Configurations , and use the following guidelines:
a. Ensure that the Enable Proximity Support check box is selected.
b. Ensure that the Enable way2care check box is selected.
5. To prepare a certificate to the Caradigm Vault Server, use the following guidelines:
The Caradigm Vault Server uses the certificate to validate the connection between the Tap Server
and the thin client.
a. To raise a request for the certificate:
The certificate should be issued by your Certificate Authority.
Prepare the certificate in two formats:
PFX format which has a private key.
The other is PEM format which is text-based, Base64-encoded DER file. For Example,
Caradigm.cer, Caradigm.pfx.
b. To import a certificate to the thin client, use either of the following two options:
Click System Setup System toolsCertificates to import certificates from USB storage or
file server.
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