If you clear the check box, the shutdown and restart icon is grayed out.
FailedOneSignAuth Allow
Only yes or no options are supported. Non-OneSign user can log in to the Broker by clicking
No radio button.
Logging Allow
OneSign logs could output on ThinOS with this feature. An INI configuration is needed
Loglevel=0/1/2/3. The default value is 0. If set to 0, logs are not displayed.
Display name format — Account name can be shown correctly with different formats in
pop-up notifications.
2. Configuring the Walkway configuration object
On the Imprivata server, click Computer policy, and then click the Walk Away tab.
Key mouse inactivity enabled and behavior — The check box in addition to keyboard and
mouse inactivity is not supported.
Passive proximity cards
If you want to use proximity card to lock the computer, select the Tap to lock check box.
If you want to lock the computer and log in as a different user. select the Switch users check
INI parameter isTapToLock=0/1/2.
Lock warning enabled and type— The three types that are supported are: none, notification
balloon and Screensaver.
* None — No warning messages are displayed.
* Notification balloon— ThinOS displays a notification window.
* Screensaver— Hide the display contents before the workstation locks.
Warning message— The message can be customized.
Lock Screen type —Only obscure type is supported.
Hot key to lock workstation or log off user— ThinOS can support following keys:
“F1 ~ F12”, "BKSP", “DEL”, “DOWN”, “END”, “ENTER”, “ESC”, “HOME”, “INS”, “LALT”, “LEFT”,
“UP”, “a~z”, “A~Z”, “0~9” and modifier “+”, “%”, “^” (Shift, Alt and Control)
Suspend action — The server configuration controls this feature on ThinOS. Therefore a new
INI is added— SuspendAction=0/1; 0 means lock, 1 means signoff.
3. Configuring the SSPR Configuration Object
The SSPR configuration object controls the Self-Service Password Reset behavior for a user. The
enabled attribute specifies whether the user is allowed to reset their password as part of emergency
access. The mandatory attribute specifies whether the user must reset their password as part of
emergency access.
4. Configuring the RFIDeas configuration object
The RFIDeas configuration object controls the behavior of the RFIDeas readers. The configuration
can be configured by two ways, the computer policy of OneSign server and ThinOS INI.
5. Configuring the Custom background configuration object
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