Reset User Identity Password
Update User Identity Password
Enroll Proximity Card
Lock/Unlock Terminal with Proximity CardLock/Unlock Terminal with Proximity Card
b. OneSign Server— Enter the IP Address of the OneSign Server.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Configuring objects on Imprivata Server
This version supports configuration objects to control different aspects of the client behavior.
Use the following guidelines to configure the objects on Imprivata Server:
1. Configuring the General configuration object
a. On the Imprivata server, click Computer policy, and then click General tab.
b. Select the check box to allow users to shut down and restart workstation from lock screen.
NOTE: Display shutdown button and restarts commands to the user on the OneSign GINA.
The following configuration objects are supported on Imprivata server:
Shutdown Allow
If you enable this feature by selecting the check box, the shutdown and restart icon is
shown in ThinOS login and locked windows.
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