NOTE: The Visual Experience tab is grayed out, if the StoreFront Style check box is selected for
a Citrix Broker Server entered in the Broker Setup tab.
a. Classic Desktop — Displays the full taskbar, desktop and Connect Manager familiar to ThinOS
users. This option is recommended for terminal server environments and for backward
compatibility with ThinOS 6.x versions.
b. Zero Launchpad — Displays the new launch pad style GUI designed for VDI use. Functionality is
accessed through an always available interface. This option is recommended for VDI and any full-
screen only connections. Toolbar, hotkey and connection icon options are also available for
If you select the Zero Launchpad, then use the following guidelines:
Select the check box to enable Zero Toolbar activation in left pane.
Select the button if you want to enable Zero Toolbar activation in left pane when you
pause a mouse on the screen.
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