c. Remove — Use this option, if you want to remove a SSID connection by selecting the SSID
connection from the list.
d. Properties — Use this option to view and configure the authentication properties of a SSID
connection that is displayed in the list.
e. Select the Disable Wireless Device check box, if you want to disable a wireless device.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Configuring the Remote Connections
Use the Remote Connections dialog box to configure thin client remote connections including ICA, RDP,
Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft, VMware View, Dell vWorkspace, and other broker server connections. This
dialog box also enables you to configure visual options, and general connection settings.
Configuring the Broker Setup
Configuring the Visual Settings
Using the General Options
Configuring the Authentication Settings
In the Classic Desktop option, the Remote Connections dialog box allows you to create default ICA
and RDP connections for use. If you want to create several ICA and RDP connections (more than
the default connections), use the Connect Manager, For more information see Using the Connect
Configuring the Broker Setup
To configure the Broker setup:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Remote Connections.
The Remote Connections dialog box is displayed.
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