a. DHCP Option IDs — Enter the supported DHCP options. Each value can only be used once and
must be between 128 and 254. For information about DHCP options, see DHCP Options.
b. Interpret DHCP Vendor-Specific Info — Select this check box for automatic interpretation of the
vendor information.
c. DHCP Vendor ID — Shows the DHCP Vendor ID when the dynamically allocated over DHCP/
BOOTP option is selected.
d. DHCP UserClass ID — Shows the DHCP UserClass ID when the dynamically allocated over
DHCP/BOOTP option is selected.
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Configuring the ENET Settings
To configure the ENET settings:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Network Setup.
The Network Setup dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the ENET tab, and use the following guidelines:
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