Configuring the Connectivity
This chapter helps you to understand various configuration settings for a secure connection. Connectivity
menu includes:
Configuring the Network Settings.
Configuring the Remote Connections.
Configuring the Central Configurations.
Configuring the VPN Manager.
To configure the settings on Classic desktop, click System Setup from the desktop menu, and use
the configuration tabs.
To configure the settings on Zero desktop, click the System Settings icon on the zero toolbar, and
then use the configuration tabs.
Configuring the Network Settings
To configure the network settings use the following options:
Configuring the General Settings
Configuring the Options Settings
Configuring the ENET Settings
Configuring the WLAN Settings
Configuring the General Settings
To configure the general network settings:
1. From the desktop menu, click System Setup, and then click Network Setup.
The Network Setup dialog box is displayed.
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