NOTE: The Close icon is grayed out for
connections that are not open.
Edit icon Opens the Connection Settings dialog box, see
Advanced Details on Configuring ICA and RDP
Connections to change the connection options.
NOTE: Depending on user privilege level,
editing options may not be available for use.
Add Connection Allows you to configure or add new connections.
Configuring Global Connection Settings If you do not use INI files to provide global
connection settings, you can click Global
Connection Settings to open and use the Global
Connection Settings dialog box to configure
settings that affect all of the connection in the list.
Classic Desktop Features
This section includes information on:
Classic Interactive Desktop Guidelines
Using the Shortcut Menu
Using the Desktop Menu
Using the Connect Manager
Classic Interactive Desktop Guidelines
The Classic Desktop has a Dell Wyse default background with a horizontal task bar at the bottom of the
Use the following guidelines:
Icons representing available server connections and published applications are displayed on the
background. If you pause the mouse pointer over an icon, the information about the connection will
be displayed. Right-clicking on an icon opens the Connection Settings dialog box which displays
additional information about the connection. The number of icons that can be displayed on the
desktop depends on the desktop resolution and administrator configuration.
A server connection and published application can be opened by double-clicking a desktop icon or a
user can navigate to the desktop icon they want by using tab key and pressing Enter to initiate the
Right-clicking on the desktop provides a Shortcut Menu, see Using the Shortcut Menu.
Clicking the User Name or clicking on the desktop, opens the Desktop Menu, see Using the Desktop
NOTE: User Name is the user who is logged-on and is located at the lower-left pane of the task
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