Table 1. Toolbar icons
Icon What It Does
Home Opens the list of available connections, see List of
System Information Displays thin client system information, see
Accessing System Information .
System Settings Opens the System Settings menu to configure thin
client system settings and perform diagnostics, see
Configuring the Connectivity, Configuring Thin
Client Settings Locally, Central Configuration:
Automating Updates and Configurations.
Shutdown Terminal Click the Shutdown Terminal icon to use the
Shutdown options available on the thin client, see
Signing Off and Shutting Down. Note that the
Shutdown Terminal icon does not display on the
toolbar when using the Admin Mode button to
configure system settings.
If configured to display by an administrator, the current date and time are shown on the Zero
Toolbar. The thin client is capable of synchronizing its clock to time provided by a Simple Network
Time Protocol (SNTP) server.
List of Connections
On the Zero Toolbar, you can click the Home icon to open your list of assigned connections. In some
cases, the list may contain only default connections.
Use the following guidelines depending on user privilege level, some options may not be available for
Table 2. Connection Options
Option What It Does
Name of the connection Opens the connection you want to use.
NOTE: All open connections display a blue
icon to the left of the connection name in the
Reset icon Resets the connection.
NOTE: It is useful when a connection is not
functioning properly or you need to reboot
the connection.
Close icon Closes the connection.
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