Zero Interactive Desktop Guidelines
The Zero Desktop has a default background with the Zero Toolbar at the left of the screen.
The Following table lists the available Zero Desktop shortcuts.
Action Press
Display the Zero Toolbar Ctrl+Alt+UpArrow
Open a selection box for toggling between the
desktop and currently-active connections
Lock the thin client Ctrl+Alt+LeftArrow
Keyboard shortcuts to menu commands Left-Alt+UnderlinedLetter
Capture the full desktop to the clipboard Print Screen
Capture the active window to the clipboard Alt+PrintScreen
You can copy and paste between application sessions and between sessions and the desktop,
however, this function depends on session server configurations.
In addition to the standard two-button mouse, the thin client supports a Microsoft Wheel Mouse
used for scrolling. Other similar types of a wheel mouse may or may not work.
To switch the left and right buttons, use the Peripherals dialog box, see Configuring the Peripherals
Zero Toolbar
The Zero Toolbar usually appears at the left corner of the Zero Desktop. However, depending on
administrator configurations, the toolbar can be removed or hidden. It is shown only when a user moves
the mouse pointer over the left edge of the desktop screen.
Administrators can configure the toolbar settings using either a dialog box, see Configuring the Remote
Configurations or the SysMode parameter in the wnos.ini file, see Dell Wyse ThinOS INI Guide.
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