dialog box. Enter your User name, Password, and Domain, and then click Login. After authentication is
successful, your available connections are presented.
Although the thin client will default to the Classic Desktop for INI backward compatibility, you can
configure the thin client to display the Zero Desktop by using the SysMode=VDI parameter in the INI
files or by selecting the desktop option in the dialog box. For more information, see Using Your
Manual Connection — If you are not yet set up for central configuration, you will see the Zero Toolbar,
where you can configure the initial server connection you want using the Remote Connections dialog
box before you can log in. For more information, see Connecting to a Remote Server manually.
You only need to complete this manual configuration once or after reboot to factory defaults. After the
thin client knows the location of your server, it automatically connects to the server for login when you
start the thin client in the future. After you confirm that your environment is ready for deployment, you
can create INI files for central configuration.
Connecting a Remote Server Manually
To connect a Remote Server manually, complete the following tasks:
1. Click the System Settings icon on the Zero Toolbar to open the System Settings menu, and then
click Remote Connections to open the Remote Connections dialog box.
2. Click the Broker Setup tab of the Remote Connections dialog box to configure one of the following
ICA or RDP connection —Select None, select ICA or RDP, click Configure Connection, and then
follow the wizard.
A specific broker server connection — Select Microsoft, Citrix Xen, Dell vWorkspace, VMware
View, or Other, and then enter the IP Address for the server in the Broker Server box.
NOTE: For more details, see Configuring the Remote Connections.
3. Click OK, and then restart the thin client.
Click the Shutdown icon on the Zero Toolbar to open, and use the Shutdown dialog box to restart
the thin client.
If an ICA or RDP connection is configured— After thin client restarts, click the Home icon on
the Zero Toolbar to open the list of available connections. Click the ICA or RDP connection
you created, and then log in.
If a Specific Broker Server Connection is configured— After thin client restart, the Login
dialog box appears for your server. Enter the User name, Password, and Domain and click
Login. After authentication is successful, your Zero Toolbar is presented with your assigned
connections defined by the broker server.
Using Your Desktop
What you see after logging on to the server depends on the administrator configurations.
Users with a Classic Desktop - will see the classic ThinOS desktop with full taskbar, desktop, and
Connect Manager familiar to ThinOS users. This option is the default out-of-the-box experience and
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