thin client without a local spooler. You can also set up a template on the server that uses a native
driver example, HPLJ5) and ThinPort, and then name this template as you want in the form
You can then make sure that the rules on ThinPrint Autoconnect [1] have been set to assign the
desired local printers to use this server template. The assigned printer will then be shown in the user
session using the HPLJ5 driver and ThinPort; it is named automatically according to ThinPrint naming
convention with the printer name from the client side included. Alternatively, you can also define a
template name according to the client printer name (replace.AnyName. with printer name 4. and 5.
above for example, _#HP Laserjet 5 so that the local printer object.HP Laserjet 5. is mapped to this
template without any rules defined on the ThinPrint Autoconnect.
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