Getting Started: Quickly Learning the
Use the following information to quickly learn the basics and get started using your thin client:
Connecting to a Remote Server
Using Your Desktop
Configuring Thin Client Settings and Connection Settings
Connecting to a Printer
Connecting to a Monitor
Locking the Thin Client
Signing Off and Shutting Down
Additional Getting Started Details
ThinOS is centrally managed and configured using INI files to automatically push updates and any
desired default configuration to all supported thin clients in your environment — see Central
Configuration: Automating Updates and Configurations.
If no INI files are detected, you can use local dialog boxes on each thin client to make available
configurations. ThinOS will save many of these locally configured settings such as resolution,
mouse, and keyboard to persist after reboot. However, once INI files are detected, rebooting causes
ThinOS to become stateless while ignoring locally configured settings after a reboot and then the
settings contained in the INI file will be used.
Connecting to a Remote Server
On your initial connection to central configuration, we recommended that you connect using a wired
connection plug in the network-connected Ethernet cable to your thin client before starting the thin
client to obtain the configurations desired by the administrator. This wired connection will also provide
any wireless configurations provided by the administrator through INI files.
If you must initially connect to central configuration through wireless, use the Wireless tab in the
Network Setup dialog box to enter the SSID and encryption configurations required or set up by the
network administrator. For more information, see Configuring the Network Settings.
Central Configuration — If you are configured for automatic detection using INI files — see Dell Wyse
ThinOS INI Guide , your thin client will automatically detect and connect to the configured remote
services during the boot-up process. Press the power button to turn on your thin client to see the Login
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