NOTE: The value of this
option tag represents the
same information as option
tag 187. The difference is
that ThinOS interprets the
value of this option tag in
correct order (for example,
the value of 0x0050 is
interpreted as0x0050). If the
DHCP server provides both
option tag 192 and 187,
option tag 192 takes
194 WDM FQDN Optional Fully Qualified Domain
Name for the WDM.
199 Cloud Client Manager Group Key Optional string. Can provide a
CCM Group Registration Key for
the cloud Client Manager agent.
When cloud Client Manager is
disabled and the Group Key of
Cloud Client Manager is null, this
option takes effect. Cloud Client
Manager uses the optional string
as the Group Registration Key. If
the Cloud Client Manager server
or MQTT server is null, the Cloud
Client Manager agent sets the
values to the default server
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