NOTE: ICA multicast does not support C10 due to VIA platform limits.
*SuperCodec support in Virtual Driver ThinWire (VDTW)
For information about SuperCodec, refer to the ICA SuperCodec.
*Keyboard Timer Support
a. Add SessionConfig=ica KeyboardTimer=1000in wnos.ini.
b. Launch an ICA desktop, and then open the Notepad in the session.
c. When you try to edit something in Notepad, you will see some delay in the key input.
*Mouse Snap To position
a. Launch an ICA desktop.
b. In Control Panel, go to Mouse Settings.
c. Click Pointer OptionsSnap To.
d. Enable Automatically move pointer to the default button in the dialog box, and then click
OK to close the dialog box.
e. Re-open the mouse setting.
The mouse pointer snaps to OK button automatically.
*VDMM support
a. Launch an ICA desktop.
b. Run multimedia in session and try to play a video clip.
c. Seek the progress bar to a certain position.
d. Wait for the video clip to repeat the playback.
e. Again seek the progress bar to a certain position. User can seek to the correct position
and continue to play.
Anonymous logon—This feature enables the users to log into the Storefront server configured with
unauthenticated store without Active Directory (AD) user credentials. It allows unauthenticated users
to access the applications instead of AD accounts.
NOTE: Anonymous logon is not supported with legacy mode of Storefront server.
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