Ping sends an echo request to a network host. The host parameter is either a valid host name or
an IP address. If the host is operational and on the network, it responds to the echo request.
Ping sends one echo request per second and calculates round trip times and packet loss
statistics. It displays a brief summary upon completion of the calculation.
The ping utility can be used to:
Determine the status of the network and various foreign hosts.
Track and isolate hardware and software problems.
Test, measure, and manage networks.
Determine the IP address of a host if only the host name is known.
Not all network equipment will respond to ping packets, as this is a common mechanism used
in denial-of-service attacks. Lack of response does not necessarily indicate that the target of
the ping is unusable for other purposes.
6. Click the Trace Route tab to execute the tracert diagnostic utility and display response messages.
Use the following guidelines:
a. Enter Hostname or IP — Enter the IP address, DNS-registered host name, or WINS-registered
host name of the target to be traced.
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