Be sure to enable the Enable Trace option of the Privilege parameter in a wnos.ini file. For more
information, see Dell Wyse ThinOS INI Guide.
Use the Network capture to USB option to enable the capture of network information, that is, a
network trace of all traffic coming in and out of the thin client to a USB drive that is inserted into
the thin client.
After login and use of the XenDesktop server or network, you will see a ThinOS_WS.pcap file in
the USB drive which you can analyze using software such as a packet analyzer used for network
troubleshooting, and analysis.
Ensure that you have inserted the USB drive into the thin client before selecting the Network
capture to USB option. The Network capture to USB option is automatically cleared, if there
is no USB drive inserted and you exit the dialog box, or after restarting the thin client; if
needed, you must select the option again.
5. Click the Ping tab, and use the following guidelines to execute the ping diagnostic utility and display
response messages:
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