2. Click the General tab, and use the following guidelines:
a. Click either USB or File Server to select your target device you want to use for CMOS
b. Extract CMOS — After the target device is selected, click this option to extract the CMOS settings
to the USB Key or file server based on your target device selection.
c. Restore CMOS — Click this option to write the CMOS settings from the USB Key to the target thin
d. Performance Monitor — Click this option to display your thin client CPU, Memory, and
Networking information. The graphs display on top of all windows.
e. Force Coredump — Use this option to forcibly generate the debug information for technical
investigation when your system is not responding.
3. Click the Trace tab to configure the trace actions and Delay on Trace. The available options for Trace
action are None, Capture, and Playback.
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