NOTE: From ThinOS 8.2 release, base.i386.pkg is mandatory for all ThinOS clients. PCoIP
package is mandatory for Wyse 5010 thin client with PCoIP (D10DP) and Wyse 5040 AIO thin
client with PCoIP (5213). Other packages are optional. Base package and PCoIP package are
integrated into the ThinOS firmware image. Installing the latest ThinOS firmware image will
automatically install the latest version of these packages on ThinOS client. You cannot manually
install or upgrade these embedded packages. However, the package version details of
respective packages are displayed in the Packages tab for engineering information purpose
5. Click the Global INI tab to view wnos.ini information.
6. Click the User INI tab to view wnos.ini information.
7. Click OK to save the settings.
Using the Trouble Shooting Options
To use the trouble shooting options:
1. From the desktop menu, click Trouble Shooting.
The Trouble Shooting dialog box is displayed.
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