Performing Diagnostics
Diagnostics include:
System Tools
Using the Trouble Shooting Options
System Tools
Use the System Tools dialog box to configure Trace and Event log settings, performance monitor graphs
that display client CPU, Memory, and Networking information, and CMOS management extract and
restore cmos settings as described in CMOS Local Management: Extracting CMOS Settings to a USB Key
for Distribution. It also allows you to view wnos.ini cached information for troubleshooting purposes.
1. From the desktop menu, click System Tools.
The System Tools dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the Devices tab to display all the locally attached devices, including USB, Serial, and Parallel on
applicable platforms. The details about the monitors connected to the thin client are also displayed.
The Device Viewer button was previously available in the Devices tab of the System Information
dialog box.
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