NOTE: Base.i386.pkg’s libraries are needed by each application. You cannot delete the base
package separately. If you click Delete All, all the packages including the base package are
a. If the unit has packages installed, you can view the following dialog box.
In ThinOS 8.2, the base package version is updated to newer version and a new RTME
package is introduced.
Important: Base package is mandatory for all ThinOS clients. PCoIP package is
mandatory for Wyse 5010 thin client with PCoIP (D10DP) and Wyse 5040 AIO thin
client with PCoIP (5213). However, the other packages are optional.
b. Select a particular .pkg file, and then click Delete to delete it.
c. Click Delete All button to delete all .pkg files.
Miscellaneous Acknowledgements button is added in the Copyright tab in System Information.
This button is related to third party software and is available only in following clients:
Wyse 5010 thin client with ThinOS (D10D)
Wyse 7010 thin client with ThinOS (Z10D)
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