j. The solution on ThinOS is based on Citrix HDX FR Linux version. It is advised to compare with
Linux client in case of any issues.
k. Playback YouTube.com videos may run into some issues; for example, cannot show video
unless user copy the URL and paste it to the browser to visit again. In case any observation we
recommend to compare with Linux client.
Basic Operations for Citrix HDX Flash Redirection
1. To disable flash version compatibility check, perform the following tasks:
a. ThinOS client built-in Flash player version is 11.1. If the version installed on VDA/XenApp
machines is higher than 11.1, then user needs to disable flash version compatibility check for the
HDX Flash redirection feature to work.
b. User can disable the version check by modifying Windows Registry Key on VDA/XenApp named
“FlashPlayerVersionComparisonMask” which is a DWORD that must be set to zero.
c. This needs to be set on each and every VDA/XenApp where the user needs the checking
The following action need to be set on d every VDA/XenApp and you need the checking disabled on.
For a 32-bit operating system:
Add the entry named FlashPlayerVersionComparisonMask with a DWORD value = 00000000
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