b. During the flash playback, it will display ThinOS event logs for HDX FR in the System Information
dialog box.
1. FR: Media type video/x-264
2. FR: Media type audio/mpeg
Known Issues
a. Playback flash videos in Internet Explorer browser with normal security settings.
b. Proxy is not supported.
c. Playback with no more than two flash videos concurrently.
d. Playback with videos ≤ 720p; the 1080p video may show graphic issue.
e. Playback full screen video with resolution ≤ 1920 x 1200; for example, full screen playback with
ThinOS resolution 1920 x 1200; in 2560 x 1600 full screen video there could be graphic issues.
f. After flash video is loaded it will stay in initial size; for example, resizing browser will not resize
the video content; it is same behavior with Citrix HDX FR Linux client.
g. Only English font is supported; for example, subtitles in other languages will not be properly
h. In some scenario the video shows no content initially; when user resizes browser the video
appears normally; it is likely to happen with x86 desktops and is a known issue for Citrix HDX FR
Linux client.
i. Playback with videos that can work with HDX FR on Linux or Windows client: There are a
number of videos/websites known as not working with Citrix HDX FR solution such as msn.com,
espn.com, movies.yahoo.com, and dell.com. Flash videos simply cannot load with these
websites using HDX FR solution. Some of them are working periodically; for example, videos on
dell.com were working well during this Feb/March but stopped working afterwards; the results
can vary depending on user location as well (US/Europe/Asia). It is therefore recommended to
make sure the target videos work with HDX FR on Linux or Windows, before working with it on
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